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  8:30 pm: First Things First Fashion Show Skit (The Principled Players)

                 Speaker Meeting - Chris H. from Durham, NC


  7:00 am:  Group Stretch

  1:45 pm:  Workshop - Exploring the Language of the AA Share

  3:00 pm:  Old Timers Panel (Ann N., Jeff W., Maggie R.)

  4:30 pm: Spanish Workshop - AMOR Y SERVICIO

  5:00 pm:  Al-anon Meeting

  8:00 pm:  Speaker Meeting - Beth H. from Destin, FL

 ** After the speaker meeting:  "To Tell the Truth" Skit (The Principled Players)


  7:00 am:  Yoga

  9:30 am:  Al-anon Speaker - Robyn V. from Winston Salem

  2:00 pm:  Speaker Meeting- Melanie C. from Charlotte, NC

  4:00 pm:  Workshop - Relationships and the 12 Traditions

  5:15 pm: Spanish Workshop - COMO CONDUCIR UNA REUNION

  8:00 pm:  Sobriety Countdown / Speaker Meeting - Jason J. from                         Oregon City, OR

10:00 pm:   Karaoke and Dance




  7:00 am:  Yoga

  8:15 am:  God As I Understand God - Call Up Meeting

  9:30 am:  Speaker Meeting - Chuck H. from Destin, FL


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