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FRIDAY- JULY 31st, 2020 

8:00 PM

SPEAKER: Doug M. from Canton GA

CHAIR: Elizabeth P. from Raleigh NC

 SATURDAY- August 1st, 2020


Workshop - "Freedom From.....Freedom To"

Chair: LeGrande A


                        Craig W, Sandy Hook, CT

                        Amanda B, Montgomery, AL

                        Tami B, Charlotte

10:30 PM

SPEAKER:  Nick P. from Pittsburgh PA

Chair: Jim H. from Charlotte NC

1.00 pm           

Speaker: Amy D, Louisville, KY

Chair: Cathy McK.

3:00 PM

Old Timers Panel

Chair: Donna B

                        Dave C, Raleigh

                        Bill C, Greensboro

                        Wallace B, Sanford

                        Jim F, Kenansville

8:00 PM

SPEAKER: Amanda B.

Chair: Beth R. from Charlotte NC

SUNDAY- August 2nd, 2020

10:00 AM: Workshop - God As I Understand Him (5 Peoples Experience)

Chair: Alana E. from Durham NC

11:30 AM


Craig W, Sandy Hook, CT

Chair: Will M, Charlotte

1.00 pm           

Workshop: “Panel Newcomer Experience: Then and Now”

Chair: Amber M, Charlotte


                        Amy D, Louisville, KY

                        Nick P, Pittsburgh, PA

                        Doug M, Canton, GA


3.00 pm           

Angie M., Tobaccoville, NC

Chair: Annette K, Hendersonville

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